Capacity on Demand Federal Brief

Champions of Software as a Service: How SaaS is fueling powerful competitive advantage

Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group

A non-profit, non-partisan coalition of technology companies and industry groups focused on educating lawmakers about cloud computing.

Department of the Interior Cloud Hosting Services Ording Guide

FedRAMP Concept of Operations

An outline for "do once, use many times" framework for Federal cloud computing.

FedRAMP Forward: 2 Year Priorities

FedRAMP OnRAMP March 13 Launch

IBM Cloud Computing Vision for Federal Solutions

Iron Bow Managed Services Hosted Collaboration Solutions Video-As-A-Service

Iron Bow Service Select Cloud and Managed IT Services

MaaS360® for Public Sector Data Sheet

Managed Cloud: Tailored Solutions for a Hybrid World

OMB FedRAMP Memorandum

OMB stated the deadline for agencies to utilize FedRAMP approved cloud services by June 5, 2014 – page five, footnote 10.

Specific Requirements: FedRAMP

This document describes the requirements for 3PAOs seeking A2LA accreditation for FedRAMP.

Top 10 Federal Set-Aside Opportunities for FY 2015

Top 20 Federal Opportunities for FY 2015

For more information regarding FedRAMP OnRAMP, please contact Lexi Gallucci at (703) 883-9000 ext. 117.

For more information on FedRAMP, visit: or

For an in-depth read about the certification process, please find GSA's Guide to FedRAMP.